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Update Request Number in Aadhar

UIDAI has made it easy for Indian citizens to apply for Aadhar card. To apply, one doesn’t need to go to some head office, but they can enroll for Aadhar through their local Aadhar card center easily. They can also apply online and complete half of Aadhar card application process through .

Similarly, to make correction in Aadhar, UIDAI has established online service called SSUP or Self Service Update Portal.

One can just visit the portal and apply for change in Aadhar card address. They need to upload document as proof or verify using secret code received. Submission of application for correction in Aadhar is called Aadhar update request.

What is Update Request Number or URN?

So, when you apply for Aadhar card correction, UIDAI generates a unique code for you which can be used to track the status of your Aadhar card update request. That unique reference number is called URN or Update Request Number.

How to get URN number for SSUP?

  • To get URN number, you have to complete some process on the ssup website. You need to visit the SSUP login page and then login using UID or VID.
  • After that, you will have to check for the current address in Aadhar there. Verify that it is as in your current Aadhar card.
  • If yes, then you need to enter the new address which you want to be printed on your Aadhar card. The new address must be a real address where UIDAI may send your Aadhar card by postal address.
  • After entering the new address, you need to prove the Address by uploading any Residential certificate. You can use your old Voter ID card, Ration Card, Driving license or Passport, whichever has the new address printed on those.
  • After that, you will be asked to select the BPO service provider. Select your preferred service provider from the list there.
  • Then, you can submit the final application and UIDAI will generate URN number for that service request.
  • Save the URN number for checking status later.

Are URN number and SRN number same?

  • No, URN number is generated when you apply for Aadhar card update through SSUP portal.
  • SRN number is generated for any service that you avail related to Aadhar card. Even if you apply for Aadhar card correction through Aadhar card center, you shall be provided with an acknowledgement slip. On that slip, you may find your SRN or Service Request Number.
  • What is SRN number?

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