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Aadhar Self Service Update Portal – SSUP Login and Update

SSUP or Self Service Update Portal is a government portal by UIDAI where every Aadhar card holder can make change in Aadhar card address online. Initially, SSUP portal was used to correct mobile number, name and address in Aadhar card. But after a few changes made, government decided to stop allowing mobile number correction online. Now SSUP supports only Aadhar card address correction service.

What is SSUP portal?

SSUP portal stands for Self Service Update Portal. It is an online portal that allows users to make aadhar card correction online. The SSUP portal uses UID or VID number to find Aadhar and then uses OTP ot TOTP to login.

Check below –

How to visit SSUP portal?

The SSUP Update portal can be reached by visiting following URL – .

Once you click on that address, you will be redirected to official website of Self service update portal.

SSUP website not opening?

If the old SSUP url is not opening, go to new SSUP address here – .

How to update address using SSUP portal?

To update address in Aadhar card, SSUP has started two methods –

  • The first method is to update Aadhar card address using documents. In this method, you have to upload PoA document that will verify the address you want to correct. If the new address is not mentioned in any PoA document of yours, then you can use the second method which is Aadhar card address change without document or address proof.
  • The second method is by receiving secret code by Post to your new address. In this method, you will have to enter new address where you will receive a secret code. You will then have to enter the secret code in SSUP portal and then the self service portal shall accept your Aadhar address change request.

How to login to SSUP portal?

Before submitting the Aadhar card address change request, you shall have to go to SSUP login page and login using following instructions.

The official SSUP login page can be reached here – .

Once you visit that address, you will see the SSUP login form. Fill that form to login at self service update portal online.

Process to use SSUP portal

The SSUP portal is used by 4 step process. Here is how to use self service update portal –

  • Login with Aadhar/VID .
  • Submit Data update request.
  • Upload Documents
  • Select BPO Service provider.

Once you complete these 4 process, you can submit application to SSUP. You will then get the URN number to check SSUP update status online.

Check SSUP Update Status using URN number

To check SSUP status, use the Update Request Number you get at the end of process. Click here to check Aadhar URN status.


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