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SRN Number for Aadhar Card

Before we talk about SRN number, we need to know that there are two methods to avail Aadhar card services. For any service like Aadhar correction, chage in Aadhar, Aadhar update etc, there are two methods –

  • Online method using Aadhar card portal
  • Offline method using Aadhar card center

SRN number is what you get when you use the offline option of getting Aadhar service through Aadhar card kendra. Learn more about Aadhar card SRN below.

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What is SRN number in Aadhar?

SRN number stands for Service Request Number in Aadhar card. So as the name suggests, whenever an Aadhar card holder visits local Aadhar card center for getting Aadhar card services, upon completion of service request, the user gets an acknowledgement slip. That slip has the SRN number mentioned on it.

The SRN number is like a reference number for the service.

What is use of SRN number?

The SRN number is used to check status of the service request. For example, if you submit an application to update mobile number in Aadhar card, you will get a slip with the new mobile number. The reference number in that slip can later be used to find out what service was availed through that request.

This is how SRN number is used. You have to visit the local Aadhar card center and provide your SRN number to check status of service request application.

Are SRN number and URN number same?

Technically, both are used as reference number. However, you get URN number when you make a request for Aadhar card update. SRN number is provided for any kind of service made related to Aadhar card.

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