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How to get TOTP in Aadhar?

From downloading Aadhar card, to Aadhar card status enquiry, One time passwords are required in every step of online aadhar card services. And therefore, government has launched a new method to authenticate Aadhar card through TOTP. Now, even if we are unable to receive SMS for some reason, we can use the TOTP for verifying Aadhar card mobile number.

What is TOTP in Aadhar?

TOTP stands for Time Based One Time Password. It means that instead of generating a new password on request, at a regular interval of time, a unique code keeps on generating which can be used for a duration of 30 seconds. After that, another code replaces the last one.

TOTP works according to a set of rule defined and is random yet based on server so that the authentication can be done. To verify Aadhar card OTP, there are now two methods shown below every form – OTP and TOTP.

How to get TOTP for Aadhar?

To get TOTP in Aadhar, you need to download the mAadhar app first. Once you download the mAadhaar app, you can use that to generate eAadhar card.

The mAadhar app will ask you to enter your Aadhar registered mobile number. It will then authenticate using OTP for first time. Once verified, you will have to set a password for signing in after that.

Then you can add Aadhar card to the app by entering Aadhar number linked to your mobile number.

Once added, you will see a three dotted menu where you can check the option to generate TOTP. That TOTP shall be displayed in the app and shall get refreshed automatically.

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